Is there a way to download all your solutions in one go?


I’ve been using the exercism client and it works great, but one thing I would like to do is to download all the exercises that I have done in all tracks at one go. Is this possible? Would it be possible to have such a deature?


The API can be used to fetch a list of all your solutions in JSON format. You could iterate over that data using your tool of choice to extract all the solutions you’ve got and download them.

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It would be nice to get the mentoring notes, and iterations as well.

Is there a way to download a specific iteration?

I tried this url, but the list I got didn’t include all of my completed exercises. For example none of my c track exercises didn’t show up there. Is there a way to get the complete list?

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The API uses pagination. You need to retrieve one page at a time, similar to my API code here.


You can use this to get solution’s iterations (sub $UUID)$UUID?sideload[]=iterations then you can follow the link from there to the files and iterate accordingly. You’ll probably get hit by rate limits if you try and do this for everything at once though.


Ooh. Thanks, @iHiD! I was looking at the Exercism API and, for the life of me, couldn’t figure out how to access the sub/nested resources.

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Sure! It uses Rails array syntax which IMO is sort of entirely terrible, but also works very well :slightly_smiling_face: :person_shrugging: