Is there a way to sync the Exorcism exercises directly to a VS CODE editor?

I would like to use my VS Code locally to work on the exercises, without having to install more software. Is that something possible? I am currently doing CS50 courses and they offer this option, which is pretty cool

You can use the official VS Code CLI extension.

But you still need the CLI regardless. It’s under 4MB though (so the size of a single Mp3), so it’s not a heavy piece of software :slight_smile:

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Wow thanks for the prompt reply!
I am still new to all this. Once I download CLI, will it automatically sync with VS Code?

By the way, great platform! I met with Katrina yesterday at an event and she directed me here.

I don’t use VS Code, so I’m not sure exactly how it works. But I think the extension has instructions.

That said, the CLI is very simple to use (presuming you’re comfortable with a terminal), so you might just like to use that directly.

Thanks! :blue_heart:

If you need some guidance: Exercism