Is there a way to view past problem discussions?

I’m considering returning to writing guidance notes to some of the Python problems missing a writeup. It has been a few years since I last did that, and the automation has thinned out the submissions considerably.

To write a useful note, it is helpful to see what people miss, and what the mentors feel is important. I can start with the Community solutions and my own prejudices, but wonder if there is a window into the discussions behind the solutions and perhaps the solutions that are never published.

Any tips on the current preferred format also welcome.


AFAK, past problem discussion are private, unless they are the sessions you’ve mentored yourself, and unpublished solutions are also private.

But you can review the community solutions, the solutions under the automation tab, and solicit mentor’s viewpoints both here in a discussion thread or in the mentors or supermentors channel on our Discord server.

As for tips, there is this in the exercism docs, as well as existing notes in the mentor notes repo. We also have general mentoring guidance, for some added context.

For writing, you might want to take a look at the markdown guidelines.

In general, concept exercises (the ones listed on the main squares of the track syllabus) do not have mentor notes, as they are mostly not intended to need extensive mentoring (they are much more focused around a specific topic, and are not open-ended. They also have exemplar solutions that mentors should guide students toward).

Thanks: that is helpful