Isogram - Bitfield Approach 404

This is similar to [this question](
![isograms_error|690x180] but is a different link on the same exercise.

I was exploring the Dig Deeper tab on the C exercises I’ve completed so far this morning and I got a 404 on the isogram one. The address it is attempting to go is

I received the following responses on Discord support.

BNAndras Today at 10:32 AM

The markdown for it is at c/ at main · exercism/c · GitHub

andrerfcsantos (he/him) Today at 10:46 AM

It’s weird, the config and the link seem correct, but for some reason the site seems to not be recognising it. The only thing different that I see on that one is that CI failed for something that seems unrelated with the PR.

Isaac (he/him) Today at 11:47 AM

That might be raising on the forum for Erik to look at

cc @ErikSchierboom

(you’re mentioned above)

You’ve misspelled exercises in the URL. works fine for me

The URL in my post was copied from the link at the bottom of the page. I believe you’ve found the reason for the 404 though. :)

Lol. I’ll make sure to fix it then!

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Awesome! I was really enjoying @Bobahop’s explanations.


Fixed now: Explore the 'Bit field' approach for Isogram in C on Exercism!