Issue with mentoring system

My mentor appears to be stuck with my first iteration even though I’m up to me 4th or more. I can’t seem to get him looking at anything else.

@ErikSchierboom @dem4ron

Any ideas on what could be happening here?

@axtens do you have any additional information that might help troubleshoot the issue?

It occurs to me that the issue may be related to not being able to “submit” because the code didn’t pass all tests. So I used the CLI and pushed up a change, edited it further on the site but still failed the tests. Thus, so far as GUI is concerned, nothing has happened to move the version counter along.

You only create an iteration when you submit the exercise in the editor (or upload via the CLI). If your code isn’t passing the tests, then you won’t be able to create a new iteration via the site.

Righto. Thank you.