Issues submitting my code from my CLI

Having problems submitting my work using my vs code terminal and also my bash terminal. Please help. i keep configuring my api token but nothing is happening

Hi Michelle,

If you post the output of your commands here, chances of effective help will greatly increase.

What operating system are you on? If you are having trouble with the exercism submit command, what is its output? And if you are having trouble with the exercism configure command, what is its output?

Hi Matthijs,
I am using LInux
This is what its saying currently yet i cant see where my work has been submitted

I think it says this:

`exercism submit`

But if I can see those correctly, those look like backticks in the command.

What happens if you do not include the backticks?

(Also pictures can be hard for some people to see, it hopefully is easier to copy and paste what is in the terminal than converting that text to an image.)

The error message is encouraging:

No files you submitted have changed since your last submission

@Michelle-Wanderi Is no iteration listed here?

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Hi Kotp, okay noted I will copy paste the code. So about the backticks i copied it directly from the readme file but i will give it i try. Could you send the procedure you use while submitting your work if you do it locally?

But i cant see where it is submitted because i need mentorship. What could be the possible way to solve this?

The command is:

exercism submit filename.ext

And if more than a single file, then add them as needed. (Don’t submit the test file, this will cause issues with updates for you, focus only on the files that you write to solve the exercise.)

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If you have succesfully submitted iterations, the Your Iterations tab should look like this:

If you haven’t, then it should look like this:

If you have submitted iterations, you can request mentoring in the Mentoring tab.

Does it look like the first or like the second screenshot?

Nowadays just exercism submit should also work, by the way.

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Hi Matthjis, sorry i have taken so long to respond. My iterations tab is empty. I guess I’ll just use the editor since locally has brought issues. Thank you for being helpful

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Please feel free to keep asking questions. It wouldn’t do for you to keep getting stuck!

Entry difficulties like yours are very common and a well-known problem with learning to program nowadays. It’s not your fault :wink:

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