Iteration Highlights

I would still like to see a way to highlight differences between a student’s iterations. Sometimes I can’t easily see a difference and they’re asking “better?”


I would like to have some setting that can be set to alway --force the download to happen. As a mentor, I never want to keep what is there, I always want to download the iteration.

That said, I would like to be able to download a specific iteration. So having a default of “latest” being overwritten with either an iteration number, or even a relative from last iteration option, would be helpful.

I did a reply, because my desire to have this diff view on the platform matches yours. But I 99% of the time download the student iterations locally, and can view the diff from the last commit, or any of them.

It would be nice if the exercise iterations were downloaded as a git repository, so that it would be easy to use the tooling that git provides.