Javascript - Help with 'Hello, World'

I can’t seem to get past the hello world challenge. I just started learning JS on a different app and it taught me to use the code. Console.log(“Hello, World!”); but that doesn’t work here. Can anyone help?

Hi @Udeme11 , I think the JavaScript part of the forums is probably a better place to find help with that. Please do ask your question and don’t get discouraged, though! The first few exercises are where one gets through sometimes clunky steps involved in setting up an environment and pipeline, but once that’s running smoothly there’s nothing stopping you from mastering your chosen language :slight_smile:

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Thanks, these are great points. Will have a look at both Elixir and Clojure.

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When you do Console.log(), you are printing the string to the output console. But here the exercise is asking you to return a string, not to print it - can you try this and let me know if it works?


Puedo ayudarte si traduces esto a ingles, no sé muy bien ingles.
Lo que te pide es practicamente que modifiques el return “Hello World” tiene que ser identico a ‘Hello, World!’.
Si te das observas, le falta la coma(,) y/o el signo de admiración(!).
es asi de simple amigo, espero te ayude