Js. an error occurred

I passed Mixed Juices in JavaScript on Exercism and High Score Board in JavaScript on Exercism offline, but couldn’t pass online.
I thought I was wrong, but coping solution another participant it shows the same result.
An error occurred while running your tests. This might mean that there was an issue in our infrastructure, or it might mean that you have something in your code that’s causing our systems to break.

Please check your code, and if nothing seems to be wrong, try running the tests again

Can you paste your solution here?

Use code blocks.

// your code here

We can then run that against an offline version of the test runner to see what’s going on.

Edit: I can see it failing too, we’ll check it out! (cc @iHiD)

This is happening for many other exercises. Seems like some kind of infrastructure issue?

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Yes, I am having the same issue. Is it the web server?


It’s the updated test runner which passes locally and passes on the ci, but not on the system.

The people with access to the logs are travelling but we’ll resolve it when they are back online :)

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Thanks for the quick response! Perhaps put an alert up on the site somehow to avoid many more support requests :)

Unfortunately i don’t have the power to do that. No worries tho. It will be resolved swiftly.

I will try to update here once resolved. Hang in there!

I’m facing the same issue right now. Thanks for responding, @SleeplessByte . I’ll check back later.

The test runner works again.

cc @Samuelodan @triptych @d4nQw3rty @Xastur

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Sweet! Thanks.

Thank you :ok_hand: