Julia exercise - sum of multiples - instructions incorrect?

This was the first exercise I created on any track, so I admit I’m a bit relieved the problem isn’t my fault…

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FYI - the Python track currently has the same problem, so this could be pretty widespread.

This is a known issue. :+1: It was an oversight that happened when the problem spec was updated before, the current problem spec was fixed in (2261).

The problem specs might not have been synced up, but looking at the Julia exercise it seems up to date now.

You might wanna update the exercise version. :slightly_smiling_face:

It isn’t on my end. Sum of Multiples in Julia on Exercism still contains the phrase «equal», but it shouldn’t.

The track documents are good, the student-facing web pages still give wrong instructions.

You should see this banner if your exercise is out of date and needs to be updated to the latest version. Though I seem to be having issues updating the exercise myself to the latest version, will open a new thread to notify. :+1:

I do not see that banner.

Hmm, maybe it doesn’t let unfinished exercised update? :thinking: Not quite sure, someone on the Exercism team probably has an answer for you.

Nevermind, I hadn’t started it yet.

Glad to know that it was already identified and worked on.

Same on the python track. Instructions say “less than or equal to level”. But the test:

self.assertEqual(sum_of_multiples(10, [3, 5]), 23)


3+6+9 + 5 = 23


3+6+9 + 5+10 = 33

@samtt Thanks for letting us know; it is on our radar and will be fixed soon.

@ErikSchierboom Can the problem with the Julia [edit: and Python] instructions be fixed through manual re-sync?

The Python exercise should also have the correct instructions as of last week.

Be sure to update your exercise if it’s outdated with the current version. And remember problem specs can be outdated, it’s always best to read and go by the tests. :+1:

I’d need to figure out the actual issue first.

I don’t know if this is helpful info or not. I just (4/18/23) rebased and merged this PR on the Python content repo, and immediately got a sync error.

But this is the first sync error I’ve gotten since this one – yet if I check my account on the website, I have a lot of exercises that are showing the update warning flag. When I click it, I get an outsized spinner, then a message “we were unable to determine what has changed”:

The same issue I have when trying to update the Julia exercise. I created a new thread for it before.

The same problem occurs in the Perl track.
Instructions state “less or equal”, but the tests check for result that do not include the ‘level’.
Thanks for checking!

The fixes have made it to the exercise page. Thanks everyone.

Seems to work in Perl now! :slight_smile: