Julia: Killer-sudoku-helper file missing stubs?

Hello all! I just started the Julia track and the first exercise after the “Hello, World!” exercise is the Killer Sudoku Helper. I downloaded it using the cli app and when I opened it, while there is a testfile - runtests.jl - with tests in it; the actual script file itself - sudoku-util.jl - is completely empty. Moreover, when I went to try the exercise via the exercism online editor, it was empty as well. I’ve done a number of exercises on exercism and they have all had at least some sort of stub or something in the main file. Is this intentional (the empty file) or did I do something wrong in this case, or is this something maintainers should look at?

You didn’t do anything wrong. The stub file is actually empty.

Maybe a PR fixing this would be welcome. Pinging @cmcaine.

FWIW, following @IsaacG 's post I looked around the Julia Github repo and it seems there’s a bit of a fight going on between the primary maintainer of the Julia track and the Exercism staff itself about stubs of any sort in any of the Julia stubfiles…

This PR mentions adding stubs to Julia files

I’m a complete newbie in this sort of field (any sort of open source contributions) and I’m very reticent to gainsay anything said or done the main Exercism team - as I’m very grateful for their work! - but it seems to me they need to just lay down the law with this maintainer (It’s not hard to figure out the person objecting to the stubs) about stubfiles.

I suppose I feel a bit of impostor or “not good enough to have a valid opinion” syndrome here…Would it be ok or within etiquette or say not objectionable or something for me to chime in on the issues on the github with a message saying I think I’d be better served with stubs than without?

@crowellel Hi. Yeah - Julia needs stubs adding to it. It’ll get done shortly via that PR - we just need to decide a couple of things first. Sorry for the pain :blue_heart:

It’s helpful to add something if there’s a point that’s not been made yet. Generally piling in on one perspective doesn’t help though.

In this case, stubs are part of Exercism’s spec and should (and will) be added to Julia like they are in other tracks, so I don’t think posting would add much.

I really appreciate you checking before posting :blue_heart:

OK, thanks for your reply! I’ll leave it be to be worked out by y’all and just continue with some of the easier exercises…I’m a vet who’s used to “adding a bit of motivation” if necessary, but since it’s not necessary I also know to leave it be and let the “upper’s” deal with it…LOL…thanks for your guidance! :grinning:

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