Julia - word count exercise - instruction clarification needed or corrected

I’m encountering some instruction ambiguity with the Julia-Word Count exercise. Specifically the “handles cramped lists” test.

Given input one,two,three, the test is expecting three individual words out.

@test wordcount("one,two,three") == Dict("one" => 1, "two" => 1, "three" => 1)

The code I wrote outputs one concatenated word onetwothree because there is no whitespace, thus the test fails.

I assume the expected solution is to replace punctuation with whitespace then split the words. I’m splitting first then removing the punctuation.

This isn’t specific to Julia; the test data comes from the problem specs.

That sounds like you’ve correctly identified the issue and a good solution!

In general, the exact requirements of exercises is encoded in the test data and the instructions often are (intentionally) not comprehensive. Exercism operates on a test-driven development approach where the unit tests surface the requirements.