Kotlin maintainer

Hello, I do like to become a maintainer for the Kotlin repos. Would that be possible?

Hi Erwin,

Always happy to have new contributors and maintainers! Have you been doing any work on Kotlin at Exercism so far? If not, it’s normally appropriate to submit some PRs etc first and then once you’ve established yourself in the community you would become a maintainer. If you’ve been active, then please just say - I struggle to keep up with whose helping where across the whole project! :slight_smile:

Hi Jeremy,

I tried to do so by opening a PR on the kotlin-test-runner, but it got auto closed. If I’m not mistaken there currently is no active maintainer maintaining or improving the Kotlin track. Should I limit myself to approaches and articles first until I have enough reputation points?

Hey! Unmaintained tracks are effectively maintained by our core team - specifically @ErikSchierboom.

I’ve just reopened the PR. Thanks for submitting it! I note there are over 2,000 lines of code changed though, so it’s pretty huge to review. It would be helpful if you could add some inline review comments explaining what’s actually changed, what’s been reformatted, etc, else it’s going to be a while before Erik will have time to go through it.

I’d also appreciate if you could benchmark the speed of the test runner after this upgrade. Kotlin has been very slow for us, and we’re always wary of changing things as previously, that’s made things slower! But if this helps performance, that would be a huge bonus.

I’m very happy for you to add PRs to wherever you feel you can help - I’d just ask that you break them down into atomic PRs that are easily reviewable where possible (I appreciate this isn’t always easy!) And then hopefully a little down the line, we can add you as a maintainer :slight_smile: