Kotlin - Protein-Translation (exercise) [48in24]


I would like to add the Protein Translation exercise to the Kotlin track.

I have read these docs and watched the video: Practice Exercises | Exercism's Docs :+1:

P.S. I’m new here - this is my first forum post :wave:

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Welcome, :wave:
If you have read and watch the instruction video then go for it!
@SleeplessByte is the sole maintainer for kotlin, if he is busy I’m sure there will be other to take a look at the PR when you are done.
Have fun.

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Go for it! Ping @exercism/kotlin when done on GitHub, and link this forum post. Don’t worry about your PR being automatically closed.

Thanks! Here is my PR: Add exercise: protein-translation 🧬 by AnneKlapwijk · Pull Request #617 · exercism/kotlin · GitHub
Let me know if you have any feedback! :blush:

It has been reviewed! Now we just wait for CI to pass.

Awesome! Thanks for reviewing!!

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Merged! Dankjewel. :sparkling_heart:


Yes ya did!

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