Kotlin version is rather old, some source files are missing from online editor

It’s great that Kotlin can now be run in the online editor. Thanks!

Encountered on the Isogram exercise that it does not accept lowercase but only accepts toLowerCase, which has been deprecated since version 1.5. So it would be great if the Kotlin version could be updated. The most recent version is 1.9.0, but 1.8.x would probably do.

A related issue is that now the solutions can be run in the online editor, files the student saw when they had to download the exercise are not visible in the online editor. An example is Resistor Color Trio, which has a Color.kt and a Unit.kt file, but that is not evident in the online editor. So now students are solving the exercises not as originally intended.

Other methods not supported by the online editor’s Kotlin version are sumOf, uppercaseChar, uppercase and digitToInt, making currently idiomatic solutions for Scrabble Score, ISBN Verifier and Run-Length Encoding not pass the tests.

Yes this is not just an issue with the online editor; submitting a solution via the CLI will also fail the tests when using methods like sumOf. This impacts user experience since the tests can all pass locally but still fail after submitting.

Yes, I suppose it would be more accurate to say it relates to the version of Kotlin used by the test runner.

This is correct.

@ErikSchierboom I think we can just update it. We did before.

Also, hi Sander :relieved:

@SleeplessByte I’ll be doing exactly that!

Side note: do you know if it is possible to use the new K2 compiler from Maven? I read the 1.9 release and they have a section on how to enable it using Gradle, but we’re using Maven for speed.


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Really curious if compile times will improve

I’ve just merged Upgrade to Kotlin 1.9.0 by ErikSchierboom · Pull Request #49 · exercism/kotlin-test-runner · GitHub which enables Kotlin 1.9.0. Apparently, we were still at 1.3.60 Upgrade to Kotlin 1.9.0 by ErikSchierboom · Pull Request #49 · exercism/kotlin-test-runner · GitHub

Next up: trying out the 2.0 compiler.

In my (highly unscientific) tests adding the above property slows down the tests by about 100ms. So I’ll hold off for now.

Another great day! Was able to compile Scrabble Score and ISBN Verifier. I first tried Run-length Encoding and got the generic error, but tried it again after compiling the other two and it worked fine. Thank you very very much!