Largest Series Product - error message format unclear


I can’t figure out what is the format of the error messages for this task.
In the tests source I see that it is a map:

expected: #(error: “span must be greater than zero”)

Unfortunately my solutions for the test cases that should report errors fail. Has anyone any idea what’s going on?


Can you paste the exact error message you get?

(Please use text and a codeblock; please do not use an image for text.)

I got the following:

FAILED. Expected: [type: user id: 'message arg1: "span must be smaller than string length"], but got #(
    error: "span must be smaller than string length"

What about your code? Are you returning an error object?


I just relised that I should throw the error and not just return an error object :)

cause-error 'user 'message ["span must be greater than zero"]

Thanks for your time!