Last test fails for exercise "Simple Linked List"

Exercise: simple-linked-list

Problem: in the last test test_into_vector code like this is executed:

let mut v = Vec::new();
let mut s = SimpleLinkedList::new();
for i in 1..4 {

However, because push appends to the back for vectors, but to the front for simply linked lists, this creates the vector v = [1, 2, 3] and the list s = [3, 2, 1]. This causes the test to fail with correct solutions.

Rust Playground

I think the idea is to reverse the vector in your

impl<T> From<SimpleLinkedList> for Vec<T> {}

Although one could reasonably argue that those semantics are wrong…

I’m torn on this, if we change the test, all existing exercises are guaranteed to be broken.