Latest update to C# Saddle Points spec spoiled formatting

The lines of the sample grid on the C# Saddle Points spec page are shown on a single line. Saddle Points in C# on Exercism. I fixed it and crated a pull request #2119, which, per policy, was automatically closed.

Is the C# synced from the problem specs or does it differ somehow? Did you create a C# PR or a problem spec PR?

I don’t understand what you’re asking me. The file, csharp/ at main · exercism/csharp · GitHub, which I assume generates the instructions that are displayed on the exercise’s page, is not properly marked up. I edited a copy of it and submitted a pull request. For what it’s worth, this isn’t a suggestion for an improvement; it is a bug fix.

I’m surprised this wasn’t caught days sooner. Thanks, @padeso!

There is a central repo, exercism/problem-specifications, that provides canonical test data and instructions. The on the C# track was copied from that repo. Since many tracks use that file, many tracks will suffer the same problem. Therefore, the fix should be submitted to exercism/problem-specifications rather than the csharp repo. Please feel free to send a new PR that way; it’ll get auto-closed again but I expect someone will reopen it.

I made the same change to the upstream copy of Saddle Point’s file. The pull request is #2275 there.

I’m not sure I understand the workflow, because I spotted another small error in the file in the C# repo and thought I’d fix it, but it wasn’t in the so-called canonical copy. Not that it’s important for me to understand, but will the modified file have to be manually deployed to the various tracks?

Might this small error have been fixed already in problem-specifications? You can check using the commit history. Everything relevant should have happened in the last couple of days.

Yes, they care synched manually, or semi-manually, depending on the track.

Please refer to this forum discussion in the PR.

Sure enough, someone had already fixed the other problem, but it hasn’t been deployed.

This makes me wonder how someone could have spotted the text issue without noticing the formatting problem. I suspect it must have to do with the many Markdown variations, including table-formatting, which is an extension. It might look fine in one rendering, but not it them all. For what it’s worth, GitHub’s preview is like what’s showing on the web site.

I reopened the PR but the linter tests are failing. Kindly ensure the tests all pass.

I fixed the problems and created a new pull request, #2276. If there was some way to modify the previous one, I couldn’t figure it out. I’m pretty new at collaboration.

You already successfully pushed the linter fixes to #2275: list of commits. All checks are green. Now you need only wait for a review by one of the owners/maintainers. After sufficiently many owners/maintainers have reviewed your PR, it can and in all likelihood will be merged.

#2776 is unnecessary.

Thank you all for your patience.

Please dont’ be shy in asking questions :slightly_smiling_face:

Initial confusion and insecurity is entirely normal.

Congratulations on your first PR merge, @padeso :tada:

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