Lazarus IDE and (B4A + B4J)

I see that you already work with Delphi (Pascal), but Delphi is an expensive tool. I believe it would be interesting to consider using the free alternative to Delphi, which is the Lazarus IDE with Free Pascal. It’s free, RAD, and open-source. Another excellent free RAD tool is B4A and B4J from Anywhere Software. You can reach out to Erel, the owner and developer of the language; he would certainly appreciate having it on the list.

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Hi @FernandoMassa. We’re always happy to add new languages to Exercism. Would you be willing to take on the work of adding it?

There is an existing effort at GitHub - exercism/free-pascal: Exercism exercises in Free Pascal. you could join. So far, two exercises have been implemented.

Good morning (it’s 10 AM here in Brazil). I would love to have the time to take on this responsibility, but unfortunately, I need to focus on finding work. I’ve been a Delphi developer for over 15 years, and I enjoy teaching, but right now, I need to secure a job and am concentrating on improving my skills. It’s a pity because I would love to help and even translate the content into Portuguese and Spanish. If only I could make a living from it!

Actually, FreePascal and Delphi codes are 99% compatible. They only start to diverge when it comes to the specific use of proprietary components. But in general, what compiles in Delphi also compiles in Lazarus.

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