Learning Machine learing

Hello i am self learning machine learning i was wondering if someone else is doing the same, i want to get in contact with someone hoping they could share the experience, tips, and knowledge with me

Great idea. I strongly recommend https://course.fast.ai/ :slight_smile:


It’s a very interesting topic. Hope you can enjoy it. I can recommend the free cs50x and the extension to ai from Harvard: CS50's Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

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I’m in the process of starting a machine learning study group. My personal inspiration is that I’m fairly skeptical about deep learning because of its lack of explainability, except I need to learn much more about it to see how much my concern is justified.

Another goal is to implement my own deep learning library. Here’s one that’s 150 lines of Python:

A text I’m considering for the study group is Mathematics for Machine Learning to understand the fundamentals, and, well the source Jeremy referenced above looks amazing.

In learning Machine Learning, I believe there are two paths:

  1. A maths-based approach, that starts in the theory and then build practical skills second.
  2. A coding-based approach focussed on building networks, which teaches/references the minimum maths to make sense of things as you go.

As someone who doesn’t have strong maths skills, I am very drawn to the second, which is why I recommend the fast.ai course as it involves close to zero maths, but led its students to lead the Kaggle Leaderboards en mass for a long while (ie it’s still good). If however, you have strong math skills, or are excited to approach it from that angle, then (1) might be much more enjoyable.

In building a study group, I’d suggest choosing one route or the other though, as I think the different routes will appeal to different people and require different prerequisite strengths :slight_smile:


as for me, i have a am only beginner but i am building a strong base of maths and programming to learn Machine learning, also can you tell me how can i join the study group, once you make it.