Lightning talk you can use to tell others about Exercism

Last night I did a 10:00 lightning talk with auto-advancing slides about Exercism. I wrote the talk 12 hours before, as I forgot that… I had to speak. Still, I think it went fine and it’s basically a 10 minute super quick intro for current programmers.

Various people in the room had used Exercism v1 and v2, and whilst this is not a “what’s new in v3 talk”, because I explained various core features, they got interested again, especially to return.



Hi DJ, lot of things you said about the need to practice is honey to my ears - I am very passionate about learning how to learn and repetitive practice is one of fundamental pillars to long-term retention and to getting joy out of doing something strenuous. Very interesting to hear about the research on the interference effect when learning multiple programming language - this is the reason I settled on Exercism as a platform to do some consistent practice on a language that has NOT yet gotten into my bones, while my work priorities might force me to move on to some other language.

Great to see you in person with so much enthusiasm about Exercism.

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