Link to Exercism Site in Forum

If it wouldn’t be a lot of trouble, it would be nice to have a link to the Exercism site in the forum’s header or something. I suppose the usual thing would be to open the main site and then navigate to the forum, but if you wanted to start in the forum it would be nice to have an easy path from there to the site.

And on Desktop:


For some reason, it feels like the arrow should be pointing the other way. The right arrow looks like it goes deeper into the forum, but I just might be making excuses for being a fool.

Yeah, I thought it was a link to somewhere else on the forum at first since it’s the same direction as the links going deeper into the forum. There was some discussion about changing the arrow direction last October, but I don’t think that went anywhere. @iHiD?

You are not the only one… I thought the same thing, initially. And there is a category called “Exercism” on this DIscourse as well.