List of companies that might sponsor Exercism (Please add more!)

As discussed during the discord call.

@iHiD and @LorettaExercism are looking for potential sponsors. How do we do that? Well if you are at any event that sponsors anything Exercism related, or one of the programming languages, please list those companies here and how they were related.

For example, I did a 10 minute lightning talk at a meet-up.


Previous month I was at another event Ruby focused.

I attended Pycascades this year, it was fantastic, even virtually.

Microsoft was their main sponsor, but there were quite a few others:
Real Python
Python Foundation
API Metrics

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Sauce Labs might be interested. Let me see if I can get a name.

I will throw in NearForm, they are a JavaScript consultancy/agency that sponsors open source efforts around Node.js. Nice people.