Locked Problems

Hey just want to provide feedback about locked problems. I am learning Elixir and I want to do the problems listed in the link: The #12in23 Challenge
Example: Hamming
So the problem is that I need to follow the path until I can unlock it, but I don’t know exactly what I need to learn to unlock it :frowning_face:

You can “Disable learning mode” in the “…” options (top right of this page.

Disabling Learning Mode will unlock all the Practice Exercises on this track, but will disable Concepts and Learning Exercises.

Or you can work your way through the track syllabus. Hamming lists a handful of prereqs: "atoms", "tuples", "charlists", "multiple-clause-functions", "guards", "enum", "recursion".


Good to know that, thank you.

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If an exercise is locked, its page will tell you exactly which other exercises you need to do to unlock it. There’s a list in the right-side column. Unfortunately finding the link to a locked exercise is difficult (maybe impossible?). But you can always write the link yourself. Go to https://exercism.org/tracks/elixir/exercises/exercise-name-with-dashes to find the exercise.