Looking for people to test the powershell track

The Powershell track has received a test runner and some more test runner, and I would appreciate it if someone could help out with testing the track.
The link to the track can be found here

I’d like to, but the page is inaccessible to me, probably ‘because’ I am not a maintainer.

What kinds of tests are you looking for?

Well it is a brand new test runner, although I have done testing on my own quite a bit and I have not found any issues so it should be fine.

In any case the track should launch soon so that will give everyone access.

I would love to help with this whenever it’s up so count me in. I was looking forward for this track to be added some day so I’ll try to help it reach the destination.

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@glennj Would you be willing to take a look?

Sure. I kind of cheated with 12in23 by doing pwsh in January (woot, maintainers!)

I’ll have another look.

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There are 9 new exercises and some of the old exercises has been reworked, so hoppefully should be some new content to experince.