Lost supermentor role on Discord

I’m a supermentor on Python and JavaScript, and I’m currently mentoring both tracks. I noticed I lost access to the super mentoring channel on Discord. On the website, the automation tab is locked again. Last week, I stopped mentoring those tracks for a day or two so that’s when this must have started. I’ve been actively mentoring both tracks for three days now, but I haven’t regained the super mentor role yet.

I had something similar happen when I left the mentoring track of a language. I had to start from scratch to get the 100 mentoring sessions in another language before I made supermentor.

My details are slightly different, but I believe that once you leave a track you lose your session count.

If you rejoin the tracks you should get it back. That might not auto-trigger though, so maybe @ErikSchierboom can double check for you.

No the session count is kept, but we do check whether you’re mentoring the track or not. So once you’re mentoring again, it should work.

I think it doesn’t. I’ll look into it.

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Thanks, I don’t think it does either. I vaguely recall this happening once before for me when I was just supermentor on JavaScript. You had to sync it manually, but I couldn’t find the details earlier.

That didn’t work in my case. I rejoined the track as a mentor (and waited a week) but didn’t get any credit for my past sessions.

(Edited - oh, if this is a manual process then that’s probably the solution. I had an open ticket for over a year on this but it was never addressed.)

PR is up: Update supermentor role when changing mentored tracks by ErikSchierboom · Pull Request #6609 · exercism/website · GitHub

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