Lua custom-set test fails to run

The custom-set exercise was outdated so I reloaded it and “works fine on my machine” but fails to run in the exercism test runner (An error occurred while running your tests. ). Picked the last good solution from community (2 days ago, also outdated) and that one has the same problem. Any hints what the problem might be?

I can confirm.

@ryanplusplus doesn’t seem to be on the forum. The last change to the exercise was simply reformatting.

@ErikSchierboom the “an error occurred” message pops up in around a second: what is the test runner outputting?

I’ve raised an issue in the exercism/lua repo.

Since the test runner is from me I happily take a look at it :slight_smile:

Fixed now. Thanks for the quick action @imo

You are welcome :slight_smile: