Lucian's Luscious Lasagna

Hello, I’m new to Clojure (and Exercism I guess). I’m sure the answer to this will be low-hanging fruit for even the slightly experienced Clojure programmer. I’ve passed 3/4 tests on this and I’m a bit confused on how to get the final function ‘total-time’ to execute properly. Below is my best guess so far. I’m hoping that running e.g. (total-time 2 35) will return 39. Thank you for any mentorship on this!

(ns lucians-luscious-lasagna)

(def expected-time

(defn remaining-time
  (- expected-time actual-time)

(defn prep-time
  (* num-layers 2)

(defn total-time
  [num-layers actual-time] 
  (+ prep-time [num-layers] actual-time)

Is there failing tests that shows the expected vs actual?

Here’s the expected/actual based on the test run on the in-browser code editor:

(is (= 32 (lucians-luscious-lasagna/total-time 1 30)))

, and:

An unexpected error occurred:
java.lang.ClassCastException: sci.impl.fns$fun$arity_1__1166 cannot be cast to java.lang.Number

We want to call prep-time and pass in num-layers.

Between the + and actual-time we should have something of the form (function-name argument-value)

Thanks @keiraville , I didn’t have the correct syntax for my function call. I was trying to call it like it was syntactically defined where the function name is followed by the names of the parameters in square brackets: fn-name [param], whereas all we have to do is your suggestion which is to wrap the fn-name followed by the arg in parentheses: (fn-name arg).

Onwards and upwards! :v: