[Maintainers] Converting `average_run_time` to an integer

I’ve bulk created PRs to convert the average_run_time field in the track config.json file from a float to an int.

There are two reasons for this change:

  1. Having the average run time as a float gives the impression of being exact, whereas the actual run time wildly varies due to a wide variety of reasons (e.g. how busy it is on the server). That fractional component will almost never actually conform the real situation.
  2. jq is often used to work with track config.json config files (e.g. to add elements to it), and it will remove any trailing .0 fractional part from a number, which caused configlet lint to fail. Those JQ scripts then have to work around this by manually adding .0 to it.

These PR have been created as a draft and we will automatically merge them next week once the new configlet release is out.

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