[Maintainers] Tag management

We’re starting to add ways for you to manage the tags on your solutions.

The build page now gives you a list of all the tags, their frequencies, and allows you to enable/disable them and turn them on/off in the filter menus on exercises (we’ll also be adding this on a per-exercise basis).

C#'s is here for you to explore: https://exercism.org/tracks/csharp/build

Other build pages may be broken while we regenerate data over the next few minutes.


Is it expected that my track has no tags yet?

The cpp track is right with you. So it might be more than a few minutes.

I am not yet done with my initial tagging pass on the issue that was sent out. Should I not bother now, or is it still relevant?

No tracks have tags yet other than C# :slight_smile:

Once we’ve retrained the network on all the languages from the work you’re doing/done on GitHub, we’ll then be able to generate tags for other languages.