Make complete exercises uncompleted


I started a track long time ago (1-2 years ?) and after completing about 10-20 tasks I had to stop due to personal circumstances. I would like to start again but from scratch including the exercises I already completed.
What is the way to make all/some completed exercises uncompleted ?

Hi @newuser10, welcome to the Exercism forum! :wave:

On the track overview you should be able to reset your track progress from the three-dotted menu on the right:

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Thanks @sanderploegsma a lot !

btw is it possible to reset particular exercises ?

You can revert your solution to the initial state in the online editor, if that’s what you want:


If you’re looking for a way to reset the full exercise, as in delete any published solutions, I’m not 100% sure whether that’s possible.

That is what I wanted - to revert particular exercise to its start.
Thanks @sanderploegsma again !

You’re welcome! Have fun with the exercises!