Make it more obvious which exercises I haven't done yet that block me

When I select an exercise on a track with a learning track, if I am not yet able to do the exercise, exercism will list the exercises I need to do to unlock it. This is great. It also shows a little padlock on the exercises I haven’t yet unlocked. Also great. But neither of these is actually the information I want. I want to know which exercises I need to do that I haven’t already completed. This information is not obvious on the exercise page. The only way I know to figure it out is to open all the listed exercises and see which I haven’t completed yet. Not great.

So I guess this is a feature request? On the page for an exercise, on the left where it tells you how to unlock a locked exercise, I want some hint as to which of the listed exercises I’ve already completed. Maybe they have a green background or something?

Could you upload a screenshot of a locked exercise where you’ve completed one of the prereqs but not another pls?

This an exercise, that is currently locked to me. It has only 1 prerequisite exercise left to solve, which is available for solving. But I must open all of those listed to see, which one I haven’t solved, yet.

It would be really helpful to have some checkmark or similar at those already done.


I see. Thanks.

Yeah that’s what I see to. I’m on chrome 122.0.6261.69 on ubuntu, if that’s relevant, but this seems to have been a persistent issue rather than a specific browser issue.

Deployed some stuff. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

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Great solution!



Thanks! Credit to @dem4ron for implementing it :slight_smile: