[Making The Grade] Update instructions.md

I have just created this PR: Update instructions.md by Nerwosolek · Pull Request #3606 · exercism/python · GitHub
Two instructions missed additional parameter in function declaration. Added.

It was automatically closed - I didn’t know the workflow.
I would like to work on some R exercises so I wanted to test making PR on something simple.

Thanks for the fix. :slightly_smiling_face:

PR approved and merged.

For R exercises, I would suggest taking a look at this page on the website, and seeing if any of the exercises there marked as needing implementation are interesting for you to work on.

The video here is also strongly recommend to get a start on things, and the R repo has a contributing guide you’ll want to go through.

Finally, I would check in with the R maintainer @jonmcalder to see what is on his priority list, and @colinleach (who has been doing a lot of work on the R track) to see what he is working on.

Good luck, and happy coding! :wave:


Thanks for cooperation and insightful tips!

It may be worth checking Issue #302 for progress discussions, and open PRs for things under review.

Currently, roman-numerals, protein-translation and all-your-base are submitted but not yet merged. Those are needed for 48in24, but in the wider set of exercises there are some others that have PRs in progress (both open and temporarily closed).

Please be aware that @jonmcalder is the track maintainer and all-round R expert, but work responsibilities mean he has very little available time for reviewing submissions. That’s why there are so many PRs “in progress”.

I’m not planning much work on creating new exercises in the next several weeks. Writing approaches documents is keeping me fully busy!


Thanks for the tips. Let’s continue the discussion in the right place: [pop-count] Implementing New Exercise

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