May will be difficult to choose exercises for

I think mindshifting May is going to be difficult. Each of the languages in that category have been chosen for completely different reasons / language features. So it’s gonna be hard to pick 5 exercises that are well suited to explore the unique parts of all of these languages.

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December may not be much easier. Maybe it will be necessary to relax the usual rule about a common set of famous-five exercises across all languages that month? The exercise maintainers could probably identify some that illustrate the unique features of their language, even if it doesn’t generalize to other languages.

Easy for me to say, of course: it’s not me who has to keep track of the proliferating morass of exercises.

Maybe we choose mindshift exercises for may (those that really make you think) and the possibly Erik’s 5 favourites for December? :grin: (or hold a community vote!)

The idea of different exercises per languages is also not a bad one as a backup, but I’d rather have everyone pulling in the same direction.

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I think we’ll just try to see if we can find any common ground. For the mind shift month I would argue that it is even more useful than with the other months to choose the same exercises, as it’ll really showcase how you can solve things differently across those tracks.