Mecha Munch Management (Python)

Hello all,

I am trying to get ‘Mecha Munch Management’ exercise working.
Got test error that looks like that:

The function returned
{‘Banana’: [3, ‘Isle 5’, False], ‘Apple’: [2, ‘Isle 4’, False], ‘Orange’: [1, ‘Isle 4’, False], ‘Milk’: [2, ‘Isle 2’, True]},
but the tests expected:
{‘Orange’: [1, ‘Isle 4’, False], ‘Milk’: [2, ‘Isle 2’, True], ‘Banana’: [3, ‘Isle 5’, False], ‘Apple’: [2, ‘Isle 4’, False]} as the fulfillment cart.

This test passes in my local environment. It looks like the test expected specific order of items in the resulting dict.
What can I do about it?

Yup. That exercise is pretty explicit that it cares about the dictionary ordering. In fact, the exercise documentation explicitly discusses how to order a dictionary!! I would highly recommend reading the exercise docs. They answer exactly this.