Mechanical March Video (anyone want to add timestamps for me?)

The new Mechanical March video is up!

If anyone would like to add work out some timestamps and pop them here so that we can add chapters, I’d be very grateful!

Hope you enjoy the video! :blue_heart:

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I could add timestamp if no one else has already started

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@Meatball That’d be great, thanks!

4:17 How Go is used at exercism and pros with go
5:22 How Nim is used at exercism
6:30 Uses cases for system languages
8:37 machine code vs byte code
10:30 Pros and cons with machine code
14:45 C, C++ introduction
20:20 Modern system languages introduction
31:18 Are modern system languages, low-level?
34:35 Each language of mechanical march
35:30 C
40:25 C++
44:55 D
52:30 Rust
57:25 Nim
1:01:08 Go
1:05:25 V
1:08:55 Zig

@iHiD I hope this is good, if you like it so can I do it next month aswell

Brilliant. Thank you so much. Description updated and chapters look great :blue_heart: