Mentoring comment box behavior

Hi, these are some small quirks I’d love to see fixed, pertaining to the comment input box on exercism dot org/mentoring/discussions/[hexgibberish].

  1. the comment box is small, but expands on click (from 1 to 10 lines). This covers the bottom of the comments column. Please scroll the comments to compensate: I’m about to reply to the most recent one, I don’t want it to be covered up!

  2. once the input box is full (>10 lines), the bottom line (where I’m typing) is often halfway outside the view; I see only the top half of the characters I’m typing.

  3. it would be nice if the input box were resizable (size widget in the lower right, or draggable separator between comments & input box). When adjusting the size, comments should move in sync, i.e. expanding the input box disappears comment lines from the top, not the bottom.

  4. When pasting into the input box a text which is (a) long enough to reach the bottom & (b) doesn’t end with a newline – the cursor displays one line above where it should be. Typing any further character fixes the display.