[Mentoring] New comment disappears

For a few days, when I click “send” on a message in a conversation in which I’m being mentored, the comment just disappears. It is saved, though - when I reload, I see the comment, but the UI isn’t updated in place.

It doesn’t always happen, and I haven’t figured out a pattern yet. Anybody else facing this?

This can also happen on the mentoring side. If the student responds (or submits a new version as well, I think) while I am writing up a review, I will know this because when I hit send, the message seems to not submit.

And, as you mention, when I refresh, I will either see a comment made by the student or a new submission.

So it is basically a timing thing. The page is not updating while you are writing there, and so it is not in a state that makes sense at that time, and the refresh puts it into a good state.

Do you get any console errors when this happens? Could you keep an eye out on that pls (You can choose “Preserve log” on the JS console to keep logs there during a session)

Oh, I see. I’ll check for that next time.

I should have checked for that - will do so next time. This hasn’t happened since, though.

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