Mentoring Time Out

Is there a timeout for inactive mentoring sessions?

Are there any negative consequences for the mentor to end the discussion?

  1. No, I have mentioned that issues here: Request Mentoring via Online Editor - Exercism / Bugs & Feature Requests - Exercism.

  2. As far as I am aware are there not any. Although the student will still be able to review the seassion so if you as mentor rudly closes the mentoring seassion so could that lead to the student giving a bad review.

I have had students come back and complete an exercise after 3 years!

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I have code that pings discussions which are “stale” and asks students if they want to continue improving their exercise and/or are done. It gets some people back.

I always know when you do this because it also sends me a half-dozen emails for the people who’s accounts have been deleted but for some bug-reason still have a session open (their personal data gets deleted and their email changed to or similar) :joy:

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I’m just sending you a gentle reminder that this bug is still open :laughing: