[Mentors] Change to "number of students mentored"

Hello Mentors!

Add extra cache keys by iHiD · Pull Request #5442 · exercism/website · GitHub is a PR that has two goals:

  1. Speed things up (for @bobahop, but everyone else benefits :))
  2. Standarise numbers that are calculated differently in various places.

One of these is that we’re now using “number of solutions mentored” and “number of students mentored” to always be based on completed discussions. Currently, they were sometimes based on this and sometimes based on ongoing sessions.

This means that in some places, you’ll see these numbers go down. I don’t believe it should affect anything tangible (e.g. I believe whether you’re a supermentor or not already used the finished metric) but from an achievement perspective, it might feel sad.

However, there’s a counter-PR coming (hopefully) next week that introduces both automatic prompting of students, and automatic closing of discussions after a student abandons it for a period of 30days. This will result in thousands of old mentoring sessions closing (for Bob alone :wink:) which will means that that number will then climb back up again, and you can feel happy and fuzzy inside again.

I understand all this will make some people a little grumpy at first, but I’m confident it’s a net good long-term change. So please don’t be too grumpy :blue_heart:


Oooooo, me like speed up very much!

And me likes happy and fuzzy, too!

I’d prefer my students’ sessions to not be auto-closed. I have had some good sessions with lulls longer than 30 days – sometimes several in the same session.

Ideally, I guess, I would be able to specify which sessions to auto-close and which to leave be. Or be notified of stale sessions that I could allow to be ‘auto-closed’. Or… — would something like that be possible?

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I don’t need anything granular: opt in or out (I opt in!).
I definitely don’t want hundreds of notifications of about-to-close “sessions”.

I don’t know about computing time to calculate this, but maybe a choice to auto-close only where mentoring feedback was given and there was no response? (I choose to close 'em all regardless!)

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Thank you, Thank You ,THANK YOU !!!

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thanks for this, i feel happy now. i dont like speed though

i need a mentorship on this, this my first time here i don’t understand a thing

Take a look here: Using Exercism | Exercism's Docs