Merging Data from Two Accounts / Changing Email on Account

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Hey there!
So I ended up with two Exercism accounts, after attempting to log in with github to an account created with an email.
My respective user names are BenLearnsRust (primary account with an old email) and bcpeinhardt (from my github).
All my exercise/mentorship activity is on the primary account, whereas my contribution activity ended up on the github account.
If possible, I would like to somehow merge these accounts and sign in with either 1. github or 2. a new email (the one used at account creation is no longer active).
I’ve tried changing the email on the old account and linking my github through the UI, but both fail. This account was brought over from v2.
Where can I go for help with this?

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TBH keeping the account data from github is not a huge deal, its two very small contributions. The main thing is updating the email/signing in to the main account with my github.

So I if move the GH link from bcpeinhardt to BenLearnsRust and then resync the github data, that would work for you?

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Yeah absolutely :slight_smile:

I’ve switched the login to work for BenLearnsRust - please confirm! :slight_smile:

The PRs are linked to bcpeinhardt because that’s the user that did the work. I can change that so they appear on your BenLearnsRust exercism account, but then any future work you do on GH with your BenLearnsRust username won’t be attributed to you (we have a 1-1 model between an Exericsm user and a GH username). Your choice :)

Thank you! How it is now is just fine :slight_smile:

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