Minor mistake in Acronym description

It says

The buffer for the input string uses bytes 64-196 of linear memory.

but the buffer is 128 bytes starting at offset 64, so it ends at 191.

Thank you! Would you like to file a PR with this fix to get the points? Or would you prefer that I handle this directly?

I will whip up a PR! There is a similar problem in RNA Transcription, btw, where the upper offset is given as 189 instead of 191.

Here’s another in Hamming:

buffer for the second string uses bytes 2048-3075 of linear memory.

It should be 3071. I will make PR’s for all of these.

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Appreciate it!

I’ve created a PR: Several problems misstate the range of memory offsets used for buffers by blakelewis · Pull Request #97 · exercism/wasm · GitHub

It’s my first time, so I don’t know what I need to do from here.

Merged. Thank you for the contribution! :raised_hands: