Missing 17'' laptop sleeves

I don’t know if there is a specific reason, but I’m missing the 17 inch variants of the sleeves. Would really like to get one, but the 15 inch one won’t fit my XPS 17 :frowning:

At first, I thought you were talking about your arms :slight_smile:

I thought so, too, like for the hoodies or something.

Do guns come in 17 inches? Y’all do know I’m a Dutchie right :joy:.

Anyway… It’s laptop sleeve. Laptop. Laaaaaptop.

Dutchie as in tall? I fail to see a language issue.

Fun fact: the Dutch call it «laptophoes», i.e. laptop hose, or just «hoes» for short. (Pronunciation: like hoose, but with a short vowel instead of a long one.)

Dutchie as in he’s Dutch :wink: (as are half the people here!)

Haha. Also: Regular Dutch tall (189cm), but I meant: I don’t care for guns (or inches).

To be clear, I thought you needed 17" shirt sleeves. Maybe you have tiny Tyrannosaurus arms.

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So hilarious. Because hoodies I mentioned, and guns is slang for muscled arms, while of course arms are weapons (not just guns).

Bringing the conversation back a little here…those 17" Laptop Sleeves are going to be somewhere on the internet…I will go see if I can find it.

Google search…here we go!

@SleeplessByte right, found a possible solution!

Check it out…Laptop Sleeve - 13", 15", 17" [Dark Mode] – exercism-swag

If you are up for being the guinea pig on this one…go for it! I’ll ask @ErikSchierboom to create a ‘Guinea Pig Swag’ Badge :joy:

Of course I am. Should I order it?

Go for it! But can you check the shipping charge - I just want to make sure it is reasonable. @glennj just tested the shipping for the Dark Mode Mug and the shipping was more expensive than the mug…

Shopify’s shipping zones is something I need to wrap my head around still

!! If that’s regular tall, no wonder your country is so flat!

@jonathanmiddleton Yeah shipping is a bit ridiculous tbh (feels very US centric all), but I’ll probably get a mug (sadly no black one) as well as the jigsaw puzzle.


In 2020 average was 183 cm; 20% over 190 cm.

189 cm is one thing: 189 m is quite another.

As mentioned above…17" laptop sleeves can be fund here: