Missing contribution rep after GH merge

I noticed that on my Exercism profile (username @xavdid) I don’t have any rep for “Building” listed, despite having exercism/cli#1092 merged. I added my github username to Exercism after it was merged, so it seems like the contribution didn’t go through.

Jeremy mentioned this was in error and I should post here and @ErikSchierboom could sort me out.


(cc @ErikSchierboom)

The reason for this is that GitHub reputation is awarded based on a person’s GitHub username. Your account is not yet linked to GitHub, which you can do here: Exercism Once you do that, our weekly cron job will fix this (I can also do it manually for you if you give me a heads-up).

Ah, I had added my handle as a text field in /settings, but not via oauth in /settings/integrations.

As soon as I did, it all popped.

Thank you!