Missing exercises in the Rust track

I used to have 22 completed exercises in the Rust track, but now I only see 13 completed. I also noticed the syllabus seems to have disappeared. Strange thing is, in my #12in23 tracking page, I still see 22 completed exercises for the Rust language. Are some exercises gone?

The Rust syllabus has been rolled back for now. This thread (toward the end) has some reasons for that.

TL;DR - the Rust syllabus needs some discussion, work, and love before a re-launch.

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Thank you.

Funnily enough, I found the information in the syllabus to be quite interesting. Rust is a difficult beast to master for sure…

It definitely is interesting, but we (and many students) feel it is currently not structured in a way that is great for learning the language.

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