Missing key features for Scheme

The Scheme track is currently missing key features. As it will be featured in next month’s Summer of Sexps, it would be nice for this to be added.
They’ll need to be added to the track’s config.json file.
Here are the docs on key features: config.json | Exercism's Docs

To clarify, for those who did not immediately click those links:

It concerns a list of key features of Scheme-the-language rather than of Scheme-the-track.

I’ve uploaded a pull request with suggestions for the 6 key features. It was automatically closed.

Others might choose different features, e.g. I didn’t mention tail calls, continuations or that Scheme is a Lisp-1.


Thanks! I’ve reopened it and Erik will check it in the next day or two :)

Merged! Thanks a lot.