Missing Linked List in C++ track

Hello all,

I’m trying to start my Mechanical March with C++ track. I’d like to start with Linked List exercise as recommended. However, I can not find this exercise. All others recommended exercises exist.


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Hello dienhoa,

Linked-Lists are a good starting point to get to the nitty-gritty of pointers. I am one of the maintainers of the C++ track. That means that most of the content you see on the site is contributed by volunteers. Unfortunately, not all tracks cover the same exercises, and this one is missing from the track.

This won’t be for long and the exercise is “almost there”. Its PR is only missing a review from one of the other maintainers, and you can start working on it. I cannot give you an exact timeline, as I don’t know when someone else will be able to work on it.

As you would be one of the first students to work on it, I would appreciate any thoughts you have about it, when it arrives.


Thanks for your reply @vaeng. Sure, I will try to work and it.

You can now try the simple linked list exercise and leave feedback in the forums.

We are also implementing the bigger double-linked-list exercise. So stay tuned for a revisit.

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Perfect! I will try it soon