Missing "Making The Grade"

Is there a way to get to the “Making The Grade” problem? There are some problems that are locked for me because I haven’t completed “Making The Grade”, but I don’t see where it is. For example:

Thanks in advance for your help.

Making the grade is a learning exercise that will teach you the concept of loops.
If you click on Concepts, you will see that it is below lists and list methods
So you need to complete those first to get to loops, hope that helps!

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@iHiD Should these listings of locked exercise not just be links as well?

Maybe, yeah. I’ll think about it when I’m back off holiday (10 days from now). Please remind me! :slight_smile:

Thank you! I greatly appreciate it.

@dem4ron I think these should just be links so you can get to the right places. So even though it has the lock symbol, it should still be clickable.

This is the PR that contains the fix for this.