Modernise exercism/exalysis (renovate and newer go versions) MRs

Please see this (auto-closed) MR as an example:

I like to create a few more to bring support for new go version

based on:

  • githubcom /exercism/go/pull/2609
  • githubcom /exercism/cli/blob/main/go.mod

I believe 1.20 would be a consistent candidate.


  • I am new to exercism project contrib and standards
  • “An error occurred: Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.”
  1. What is the benefit of that above PR?
  2. What is the reason/benefit of bumping the Go version on that repo?

PRs should be created based on a need/reason/benefit which should first be discussed and approved.

I appreciate that clarification

  1. What is the benefit of that above PR?

For exercism new-comers (like me) who are setting up tooling or are curious, go install fails for newer go versions as in the MR description.

  1. What is the reason/benefit of bumping the Go version on that repo?

Unless that repo is subject to archiving, then in my view, it should follow supported versions or some defined policy for what the go versions exercism toolchain is supporting.

Biggest wins I can think of:

  • iterative maintenance is easier than catchup over multiple releases
  • users who like to use that tool can install directly as in README without the need to clone the repo or maintain multiple legacy go versions

I am open to any feedback; the above is only my subjective take.

cc @junedev and @andrerfcsantos. I’ll also move this to the Go category for Go mentors to see, and crosslink on Discord :slight_smile:

The linked PR removes comments. I don’t see how it makes/prevents go install from failing :slight_smile:

What does the above PR accomplish?

I think having a policy is a great idea! If that is going to happen, having it happen first before cutting any PRs is probably a good idea, too! That way PRs have a clear purpose: adhering to the policy. Until there is some sort of policy or guideline, though, PRs can be hard to justify since bumping the version can also have cons and then each PR becomes a pro-vs-con discussion.

I noticed merged :raised_hands:

Perhaps there was some internal discussion on Discord (or I just did not see it).


go install

:+1: works.

To fix

go install

I believe a new tag bump is needed.

Hi @lukmdo!

I think exalysis is currently being maintained by @tehsphinx, which approved your PR. It’s probably best to check with him if he is still accepting further PRs and what further contributions to exalysis should look like.

@iHiD I don’t think me or @junedev have write permissions over exercism/exalysis, since it’s not on the list of exercism/go team repositories. You can give me and june (if she wants) permissions to exalysis so we can solve issues with it when @tehsphinx is not available, but I don’t think exalysis is being currently maintained (or even used?).

On a more personal opinion: with the introduction of analyzers and representers, I believe contributions to tools like exalysis that analyze and give automated feedback to students’ solutions should be limited and replaced with contributions to analyzers and representers. @lukmdo it’s great you are trying out exalysis and want to contribute to it, and don’t let me discourage you, but this is something you probably want to keep in mind. Analyzers and representers have proper UI support in exercism and benefit all students, not just those who ask for mentoring and don’t depend on mentors using a specific tool.

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Done :slight_smile:

(I agree with everything you’ve said though)

Hey :wave:,

I merged the MR because it is purely cleanup of comments I left there and shouldn’t have committed in the first place.

But it’s true, I’m not really active right now. It’s more by chance I check my github notifications.

Still, greetings to everyone and Happy New Year!

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Happy new year to you too. Hope life is treating you well :blue_heart: