Monthly Impact Reports

Dear Exercism Team,

I’m writing as a supporter of your platform and a believer in its positive impact on the programming community. I particularly appreciate the “Impact” section on your website (Exercism's Impact Report), which showcases the platform’s reach and achievements.

However, I believe this section could be further enhanced by including monthly reports detailing key metrics. This would provide users and supporters with a clearer understanding of Exercism’s current momentum and growth.

So I am writing this to suggest including Monthly Active Users (MAU) in the impact page and also your newsletter:

  • Please define a clear and consistent definition of “Monthly active user” (e.g., At least one exercise was practiced).
  • Please track and report this metric monthly, showing both absolute numbers and trends over time.
  • Please use graphs and charts to present the data in a user-friendly and visually appealing way.

Thanks for all your efforts and contributions

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Hey. Thanks for supporting us. Yep, this sounds something sensible to add at some point. As a ballpark for you, the numbers are in the region of 50k/month people submitting, and around 350k/year. Thanks :slight_smile:

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